Teach you how to choose and use labor protection gloves correctly!

2021-12-27 11:15

NanTong Weston Glove Co.,Ltd Bring everyone the right way to choose and use labor protection gloves. Labor protection gloves are a wide-ranging general term, which includes all protective gloves, from ordinary white cotton yarn labor protection gloves to professional chemical protection gloves, they all belong to the category of labor protection gloves. This also brings us problems in choosing and using labor protection gloves.

How to choose and use labor protection gloves correctly?

1, according to the size of the hand

We should choose the labor protection gloves that suit ourselves according to the size of our hands. The gloves are too small and the hands are very tight, which is not conducive to blood circulation in the hands. The gloves are too big, work inflexible, and they can easily fall from the hands. .

2. According to the working environment

We should choose suitable labor protection gloves according to our working environment. If there are a lot of oily substances, we must choose gloves with good oil resistance. For machining work, we need labor protection gloves with good wear resistance and cut resistance.

3. No damage

No matter what kind of protective gloves you are using, if they are damaged, they should be replaced immediately or put on other gauze gloves or leather gloves before they can be used.

4. Rubber gloves

If it is a glove made of synthetic rubber, the palm should be thick, and the other parts should be uniform in thickness, and there should be no damage, otherwise it cannot be used. And it should not be allowed to come into contact with acid or other substances for a long time, nor should such sharp objects come into contact with it.

5. Matters needing attention

No matter what kind of labor protection gloves are used, corresponding inspections should be carried out regularly, and corresponding measures should be taken if they are damaged. In addition, the cuffs of the clothes should be put into the mouth during use to prevent accidents; after use, the internal and external dirt should be scrubbed, and after drying, sprinkle with talcum powder and place it flat to prevent damage. Do not place it on the ground.